Monthly Archives: November 2016

Having My First Tattoo Removed

When I was much younger, I did a lot of crazy things. One of those things included getting a questionable tattoo. Now that I am older and wiser, I realize that it wasn’t a good idea. I decided to look for tattoo removal in Modesto. I finally decided to take the next step and find a doctor who would be able to permanently remove my tattoo with a laser. The center I found online seemed like a really good match. I asked my friend if he had ever heard of them, and he said that he had visited them before. It was reassuring to know that he had a positive experience with them.

My first concern about laser tattoo removal was the pain factor. I had heard things from people regarding a high level of pain associated with removal. When I went in for my consultation, this was one of the first things I asked. The doctor told me that their clinic actually goes above and beyond other clinics in terms of pain management.